The Customer

QuellxCode Pvt Ltd isn’t just another software house in Islamabad. We are a team of highly Professional Individuals who believe there is not a single business problem that can’t be solved if u have if u have the right tools and passionate team to solve them with. As a team of IT Consultants, Developers and Markets Gurus, our long list of happy clients is testament of our expertise and skill set when it comes to delivering the best solutions whether you need SEO services, Web or Mobile Development. Design expertise or a marketing strategy customized for your brand or business, we have got you covered.

The Problem

The main challenge and focus of this project were to create a one-of-a-kind design that is simple, modern, elegant, and distinct from the typical approaches client’s competitors used to make this site stand out.


We selected REACT as the frontend and made the website static so that content could be supplied as quickly as possible. The Client wanted a sophisticated, modish, animated, and simple-to-use website. React, which is faster, smaller, and perfect for this website, was our choice over the Angular model.

Technology Used

Frontend: React
UI Library: Fluid

The Application

We used a business intelligence strategy that allows you to understand customer behavior, spot buying patterns and sales trends, optimize processes, and even predict sales and financial results. This further enhances your ability to see new opportunities and uncover what your customers would like in the future.

The implementation

We provide in accordance with your needs because we are aware of your target audience, their goals, and the environment in which your website will be viewed, whether it is on a mobile device, tablet, desktop computer, or laptop, inside or outside, in a noisy environment, by one person, or in collaboration with many users while using Business Intelligence strategy.

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