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The Customer

 Lone Bird was founded as a marketing agency in the early 1980s. It went through a decades-long transitional period that resulted in the best possible solutions for your business needs. We comprehend the fundamental web technology required to build a website that engages users, attracts search engine traffic, effectively markets your company, and manages every aspect of web optimization, saving you time and money compared to searching for a different service provider for each component of the web puzzle separately. In fact, we even pioneered some of this essential web technology. We serve as a link between you and your online requirements. We assist businesses searching for a proactive partner with active online demands. While serving businesses for over 40 years, we mix web design, marketing, and technology to best fulfil your needs.

The Problem

The primary problem we had to address was how to strike a balance between personal taste and client preferences while still remaining relevant and distinctive while rebranding and balancing design and function. Create a website that turns visitors into paying customers.


Unless you dig deep into who your users are and what they want to know or achieve with your site, you’re just second-guessing, which can lead to a disaster. For attracting visitors and converting them into customers we conducted qualitative and quantitative research with a focus group that matched our user personas. Collaborative activities like sketching out designs were also included, which saves time before you start using web design software.

Technology Used

Frontend : HTML + CSS
UI Library : Bootstrap

The Application

As we had to target such users who could be converted into clients, we created buyer personas based on real demographic data in collaboration with cross-functional teams like UX designers, sales, customer success, SEO specialists, and copywriters to get a range of different perspectives on our customers.

The implementation

Since we are aware of your target audience, their objectives, and the context in which your website will be seen, whether on a mobile device, tablet, desktop computer, or laptop, outside or inside, in a noisy environment, by one individual, or in cooperation with numerous users, we provide accordingly

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