The Customer

HAK&BAK is a multicultural, multinational, and Emirati-led intercontinental F&B employer of choice that creates post-oil opportunities for all in need. We are pleased to advise and minimize the risks of new businesses interested in forming or participating in power and infrastructure projects during all stages, including feasibility study, tendering, evaluation, engineering, manufacturing, construction, commissioning, and warranty, which aim to bridge supply and demand among project stakeholders based on our formula: happy supplier + happy owner = successful project. Moreover, we provide in-depth articles on different financial topics, from personal to business ones.

The Problem

The main problem while creating Blog for the Client was that It was made in word press that was drag and drop tool, u were bound by the outcome of that tool u can’t achieve creativity, u can’t bring ideas into reality


We used a custom HTML template and integrated it into Word Press to bring ideas to life.

Technology Used

Frontend : HTML + CSS
UI Library : Bootstrap

The Application

We converted a static page design into a dynamic scrollable page, which was further renewed and then integrated as a theme into the WordPress site so that the user can easily write and manage his blogs.

The implementation

We create blogs in such a way that they empower our customers and provide them with valuable information. Blogging is an essential tool to reach our audience and attract more attention than our competitors. People trust blogs. We do blog as a human angle of our business, which is a place where our audience finds ways of resolving their issues and concerns. The best business blogs always answer painful questions their customers have. And by doing so, we are creating valuable blog posts that will establish you as an authority and an expert in the industry.

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