The Cat Survival Trust


The Customer

The Cat Survival Trust is based on a twelve-acre site in Hertfordshire, England, which was registered as a charity in 1976. Its main objective is Habitat protection and the on-site housing of an array of wild cat species for education and conservation purposes. And it has recently purchased a 10,000-acre rain forest in Argentina which has now successfully acquired protected status as a designated Provincial Park. Moreover, it is also working for on-site housing of “unwanted” and surplus wild cats from zoos and other collections. As many of the wild cats here are rescued animals the Trust desperately needs to build further enclosures for additional arrivals and for new general wild cat exhibits.

The Problem

This project was for one of our clients, who wanted to redesign and modify their most recent website from its outmoded, retro look into something more modern, clean, and accessible.


We used amber as the primary colour to connect it to the earth and its ecosystem, and blue for accessibility, along with modern but simple abstract designs.

Technology Used

 Backend : ASP.Net
Frontend : HTML + SCSS
UI Library : Bootstrap + Custom + Headroom.js + Remix icons + Jquery

The Application

As the website audience was mainly composed of trust organizations, and based on the age factor, we had to keep the design very simple yet very appealing and attractive for any age factor, so we really took time to study and research the colour palette and the design system.

The implementation

As we are really good at UI/UX, we were able to come up with really attractive but simple designs that were easily accessible in order to keep the unnecessary out and put only the necessary, which ultimately saved the client’s effort, time, and nerves.

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